President's Message

Dear AILACTE Friends,

This autumn marks the beginning of my seventh year working in teacher preparation and my fifth year with AILACTE. On occasion, I reflect on lessons learned. One lesson is that phases I experienced as a teacher I also experience as a faculty member. The year begins with anticipation. New students, new curricula, and new requirements generate excitement and perhaps a little anxiety. After some time, anticipation transitions to survival. Supervising students, teaching classes, and meeting with staff, among a myriad of other activities, becomes a pattern of task prioritization, processing, and completion. As the year ends, survival transitions to rejuvenation. I have found, however, that for rejuvenation to have its full effect there must be vision for what will be done in the future. A new course is planned, a new model for recruiting students is applied, a new project for improving program assessment is implemented. The beginning of the year starts the cycle again, yet with new vision to inspire effort and persistence.

Forming a vision happens in different ways, but vision inspired by colleagues outside of one’s typical context has advantages. It provides fresh ideas, synergy, and momentum. The annual AILACTE Conference and Leadership Workshop are opportunities to form new vision for your work with teacher candidates and colleagues. The theme this year is Renewing Our Commitment to Principles of Independent Liberal Arts Preparation. The focus is AILACTE’s qualities of excellence and the way AILACTE members apply these qualities to create pedagogical excellence. There are many ways to participate. The conference includes breakout, roundtable, and poster sessions. The pre-conference Leadership Workshop will focus again on topics especially important to AILACTE members, such as developing innovative programs.

A fundamental component of vision is change. Something must be different, otherwise imagination and inspiration are absent. Over the last several months there have been many changes for AILACTE. The website has been revised. East Region Representative Janet Arndt will assume the role of Secretary. Midwest Region Representative Jackie Crawford has become representative to AACTE. And perhaps most significant of all, AILACTE says goodbye to its Executive Assistant, Jennifer Knox. Jennifer will be moving on to pursue other professional goals. Jennifer deserves special recognition because of her seven-year commitment to AILACTE. As everyone on Executive Committee will attest, and as all AILACTE members know, Jennifer is representative of AILACTE’s core principles. She is hardworking, dedicated, professional, and kind. Jennifer has committed countless hours to ensuring the success of AILACTE and for that we are thankful.

With Jennifer Knox’s departure comes Alyssa Haarer’s arrival. Alyssa has been hired as the new AILACTE Executive Assistant. Alyssa is an excellent fit for the position. She will continue the same legacy of attention and care left by Jennifer. Please be sure to read about Alyssa in this issue of Views and News.

As the school year begins I invite you to strengthen your relationship with AILACTE to form new vision and to be part of change that promotes imagination and inspiration. Renew your institution’s membership. Attend the conference. Bring a team to the leadership workshop. Submit an article to the journal. Apply for one of the awards. Doing these things will create new vision for you and your program. Doing these things also demonstrates one of the special characteristics of AILACTE members: commitment to community. Begin strengthening your relationship with AILACTE today by viewing all of the resources available at

Wishing you all the best,
David W. Denton, Ed.D.
AILACTE President