Scholar Award

AILACTE is pleased to announce once again that we are seeking outstanding scholars to apply for the AILACTE Scholars Award for 2017-2018. The award will be given to a faculty member at an AILACTE institution in his or her first five years of appointment as a full-time faculty member to conduct research related to the impact of teacher preparation at AILACTE institutions. The award is for the 2017-2018 academic year; it is expected that the recipient will disseminate the outcomes of the research project in several ways, including in written form.

The $2500 award is designed to enhance the professional development of the recipient and can be used for professional travel, support for professional work or other appropriate expenses. Again, we particularly seek research, new or already underway, that demonstrates the impact of teacher preparation at AILACTE institutions. We also continue to encourage research on the Qualities of Excellence (Liberal Arts, Moral Dimensions, Partnerships, and Global/Inclusivity).

Qualifications: Applicants must hold a regular faculty appointment at an AILACTE member institution and be in the first five years of their full-time experience as faculty members. Applicants also need to demonstrate a desire to be involved in working on issues related to the unique mission of the association, be willing to present a summary of the project in an AILACTE publication, to make a presentation at an AILACTE meeting, and submit the research as an article to an appropriate referred journal.

Application Process: Applicants need to submit the following information.

  1. A letter that includes information regarding the applicant's commitment to the mission of AILACTE and in the desired research focus of the award.
  2. Three letters of support from colleagues, including one from a dean, department chair, or other appropriate supervisor.
  3. A three to four page description of the project that includes:
    (a) Identify the problem, purpose, and importance of the research study
    (b) Briefly review the literature that informs the research
    (c) Describe the methodology: setting, data collected
    (d) Research timeline
    (e) Dissemination of the project’s findings; i.e. publication, presentation, classroom and student teaching application, etc.
    (f) description of budget for the $500 in expense money
  4. A current curriculum vitae.

When an award is made, the recipient will be asked to submit a statement that describes how the $2500 award will be used to enhance her or his professional development.

Please examine the Scholar Award Rubric prior to submitting your application.

Please send applications  by November 15 to:  Jennie Carr 

Jennie Carr                                                    
Teacher Education Program                        
Bridgewater College                                                            
You will recieve confirmation of applicaiton.                       

Recipients will be notified of their selection by December 15th.


Congratulations to Trish Harvey, Hamline University AILACTE's 2018 Scholar Award recipient

Recipients of AILACTE Scholar Award:

1998-99: Barbara Sanders, Whitworth College
1999-00: Dwight C. Watson, Hamline University
2000-01: Roger Mackey, Grove City College & Beverly Reitsma, University of Indianapolis
2001-02: Teresa Burns Murphy, Lyon College
2002-03: Karen Eifler, University of Portland
2003-04: Ruth Ference, Berry College
2004-05: Cathy Smeltzer Erb, Eastern Mennonite University
2005-06: --not awarded--
2006-07: Stephen Woolworth, Pacific Lutheran University
2007-08: Lisa Laurier, Whitworth University
2008-09: Azure Dee Smiley, University of Indianapolis
2009-10: W. Eric Grossman, Emory and Henry College
2010-11: Jon Eckert, Wheaton College
2011-12: David W. Denton, Seattle Pacific University
2012-13: John R. Walcott, Calvin College
2013-14: Susan R. Adams, Butler University
2014-15: Jennie Carr, Bridgewater College
2014-2015:  Brian Yontz, Wittenberg College
2015-2016:  Keith Lambert, Whitworth University
2015-2016:  Julie Antilla, Seattle Pacific University
2016-2017: Kelly Land, Piedmont College
2017-2018: Trish Harvey, Hamline University