The AILACTE Journal is a refereed journal with national representation on its editorial review board published by The Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education

Call for Manuscripts

Co-Editors: Jacqueline Crawford, Professor Emeritus, Simpson College; and Elizabeth Leer, Associate Professor of Education, St. Olaf College

The AILACTE Publications Committee and the Editorial Board of the AILACTE Journal announce a themed issue for 2018: Civil Discourse in Difficult Times: The Power of Words.

Quality I of AILACTE’s Models of Excellence for teacher education addresses the moral and ethical dimensions of the preparation program’s learning community.  Exceptional AILACTE institutions view teaching as a moral activity, explained as “a way of acting in relationship to others and situations, [and] the sense of taking responsibility for one’s actions as an individual in the professional environment.”  At the heart of this moral activity is effective communication.  One cannot be in true relationship with others if clear, respectful, reciprocal communication does not exist.  In this age when public discourse is becoming increasingly vitriolic, and preservice teachers see daily examples of words used to attack and tear others down and to deflect personal responsibility, it is incumbent upon teacher education programs both to model and to teach candidates how to use words to foster understanding of alternative perspectives and forge compromise.  AILACTE asserts that exemplar moral institutions create “an intellectually safe environment that promotes dignity and respect for all people within the academic community.” Promoting civil discourse is essential if our institutions and programs are to become and remain safe spaces where all of our teacher candidates—and their future students—both give and receive respect.

As you prepare a manuscript for this themed issue of the AILACTE Journal, you may want to consider the following questions: In what ways is your institution teaching and promoting civil discourse among your preservice teachers?  How do you encourage the expression of multiple views in your classroom?  How can a learning community thrive despite disagreement?  How do you teach students that words matter?  What structures and pedagogies support the moral dimension of your work with preservice teachers?  We look forward to reading your work and learning from your experiences and ideas.

Criteria for submitting a manuscript:

Manuscripts must be postmarked by July 15, 2018, preceding the 2018 publication.

  • APA style; not more than 15 pages, double-spaced
  • Author’s name and affiliation on the title page only
  • Complete title and abstract (150-word maximum) on the first page of text
  • Running head and page number on subsequent pages
  • Electronic file copy of the manuscript in MS Word or compatible software for Windows XP will be needed after acceptance for publication
  • Submit manuscripts to: Jackie Crawford, Journal Co-Editor;