AILACTE Journal Manuscript Reveiw Criteria


  • There is a clear articulation of the topic and purpose, and both are timely and relevant to teacher educators in independent, liberal arts colleges and universities.

  • There is a literature review that undergrids and supports the theoretical/conceptual framework, thesis, position, and/ or main idea.

  • Supporting details, examples, and visual displays (e.g. illustrations, charts, tables) are sufficient and serve to clarify the content and provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the topic, concepts, and findings.

  • The discussion and recommendations are clear, conceptually deep, and will advance the existing knowledge base for teacher educators in independent, liberal arts colleges and universities.

  • The research methodology is clearly explained, rigorous, and appropriate; data supports the discussions, conclusions, and recommendations.  

  • The manuscript is focused, well organized, and clearly written; it flows well from one section to the next, and grammatical and/or typographical errors are not so prevalent they detract from the content.

  • The author follows the APA, 6th edition guidelines (e.g. 12-point font, 1" margins, double-spaced, running head, page numbers, citations, references, etc.) and adheres to the 2020 AILACTE Journal requirements (e.g. no more than 20 pages- excluding abstract and references, Times New Roman typeface, submitted electronically, submitted as a MS Word.dox file, etc.).