Article I: Duties of Members of Executive Committee


  • Convenes the Annual Meetings and such other meetings of the membership as may be called and presides over the business thereof

  • Convenes meetings of the Executive Committee as necessary and presides over them

  • Develops the agenda for the Annual Business Meeting and meetings of the Executive Committee, subject to the approval of these groups as the first order of business

  • Appoints the Publications Editor with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee

  • Establishes such ad hoc and continuing study committees as deemed appropriate, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.


  • Serves as President in the event the President is unable to attend the meetings of the organization or its Executive Committee

  • Assists the President, when called upon, in carrying out the duties and responsibilities which accrue to that office

  • Coordinates membership with the Regional Representatives, the Treasurer, and the Secretary

  • Prepares and submits to the Executive Committee a proposed budget.

Past President

  • Chairs the Nominating Committee

  • Chairs the Council of Past Presidents

  • Assists the President, when called upon, in carrying out the duties of that office.


  • Records the minutes of all Executive Committee and regular meetings of the organization

  • Provides each institution with minutes of all business meetings

  • Notifies member institutions of the meetings of the organization [This task can be delegated to the Executive Assistant and/or web page master as well as shared with the Publications Editor.]

  • Communicates with the Executive Assistant, Regional Representatives, and AILACTE constituents regarding membership

    • Send monthly membership updates to Regional Representatives

    • Follow-up on all institutions who have not renewed

    • Welcome new institutions with a membership packet

    • Publish the annual membership directory


  • Serves as the fiscal agent of the organization

  • Disburses funds upon appropriate authorizations for all obligations of the organization

  • Submits regular fiscal reports of expenses and income to the Executive Committee

  • Executive Committee

    • Annually evaluates the dues structure and makes appropriate recommendations

    • Approves the need for any committee which is necessary for the proper functioning of the organization and confirms appointments pertaining thereto

    • Serves as the official representative of the organization between meetings of the total membership

    • Carries out the recommendations of the membership

    • Fills any position on the Executive Committee which becomes vacant when the Nominating Committee is not convened for regular nominating business

    • Convenes other meetings/forums as appropriate.

Publications Editor

  • Produces and disseminates publications as directed by the Executive Committee

  • Seeks avenues for the promotion of teacher education in liberal arts settings.

Ex Officio Members

  • Receive minutes, announcements and publications

  • Attend Executive Committee meetings.

Regional Representatives

  • Appoint representatives for each state in their respective regions

  • Assist state representatives with recruitment of new members

  • Maintain communication with state representatives in their respective regionsCoordinate the State Representatives Forum at the AILACTE Annual Meeting

    • Contact quarterly

    • Annually request updated contact information from state representatives regarding AILACTE institutions (and/or potential member institutions)

    • Forward updated contact information to the Executive Assistant for database purposes

State Representatives

  • Provide information to AILACTE regarding contact information for private/independent institutions in their state

  • Provide feedback to AILACTE regarding issues facing the private/independent institutions in their state

  • Recruit new members in their state

  • Maintain communication with the Regional Representative

  • Attend the AILACTE Annual Meeting [or send a designee] and participate in the State Representatives Forum

Article II: Terms of Office

  • Terms of office commence at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting

  • The President shall serve for two years; during the following year, the President shall serve as Past President

  • The President-Elect shall serve for one year and then become President

  • The Secretary shall be appointed for a three-year term

  • The Treasurer shall be appointed for a three-year term

  • Regional representatives shall be elected for three-year terms and are eligible for re-election to a second consecutive term

  • The Publications Editor shall be appointed for a two-year term. The Term may be renewed.

Article III: Finances

  • The fiscal year is January 1 through December 31

  • The General Fund shall consist of the income from the receipt of dues from member institutions and any other income which may accrue to the organization

  • A budget shall be submitted to the membership for its consideration at each Annual Meeting

  • An annual report of income and expenses incurred by the organization shall be presented at each Annual Meeting

  • The recommendation of dues by the Executive Committee shall be approved by the representatives present at the Annual Meeting.

Article IV: Notifications

  • All ballots shall be submitted to the Teller Committee no later than one month before the Annual Meeting. Institutional representatives shall have a minimum of two weeks to consider the ballot

  • Institutional representatives shall be provided a tentative agenda at least two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting

Article V: Operating Procedures

  • Shall be adopted by the Executive Committee

  • May be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Revised March 2015