President's Message

From AILACTE Incoming President,

Reyes L. Quezada, University of San Diego

It is an honor and I am humbled to be your incoming AILACTE President for the 2021-2023. In this first President Elect message I would like to introduce myself to AILACTE members, our AILACTE Journal Editorial Board, and reintroduce myself to the Board of Directors, and the many longtime AILACTE colleagues whom I have had a pleasure knowing and working throughout the many years in teacher education. I would like to share with the AILACTE membership an outline of goals I would like to bring forward during my tenure as President.


First of all, I would like to thank Past President Dave Denton, and current President David Cherry who provided leadership and wisdom to this organization. As a result of their strong work ethic and their vision, my tenure and transition will be much smoother. I look forward to working with the current AILACTE Board members, the editors of our journal, with our Executive Assistant, and with all of the committee volunteers that make AILACTE the national professional association representing independent liberal arts colleges of teacher education. 

My involvement with teacher education began in 1993 as an Assistant Professor at California State University, Stanislaus, later at a small liberal arts college-The University of Redlands and now as a Professor and department Chair at the University of San Diego-School of Leadership and Education Sciences, Department of Learning and Teaching. My involvement in teacher education throughout the years has provided me an opportunity to be involved both locally, nationally and internationally championing teacher education. I am currently the Past President of the International Council on the Education for Teaching (ICET), recently I was on the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), and on the Council of Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Board of Directors. In California, I was the President of the California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE), as well as on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing- Committee on Accreditation (COA).  For many years I was the California Representative to both AACTE as well as Association of Teacher Education (ATE).

As the incoming AILACTE President, my goals for this organization will be to support AILACTE’s mission and vision and to propose and shape a responsive strategic plan that moves all of us forward in these challenging times. I will seek input from our membership and the Board of Directors, we will set the agenda for the next two years. The following opportunities will inform our deliberations and vision as we move forward:

  • Introduce and begin integrating internationalization efforts to prepare AILACTE teachers to teach from a global and anti-racism perspective.
  • Introduce and integrate the concept of Changemaking efforts to prepare AILACTE teachers to be “Changemakers of the world so more AILACTE institutions can seek Changemaking designation. (
  • Continue to focus on building and maintaining strong alliances with our affiliate AACTE and other associations with the hope of having yet more independent liberal arts colleges of teacher education programs (national and international) join
  • Increase AILACTE’s visibility nationally, and internationally by possibly hosting regional conferences and expanding the call for presentation proposals.
  • Enhance our outreach to increase institutional delegates and individual members in K-12, Community Colleges, to support the transfer of students to prepare to become teachers at Independent liberal arts colleges and universities.
  • Enhance our AILACTE conferences through broader participation of teacher education students, undergraduate, graduate students, and doctoral students.
  • Seek outside funding support as a non-profit association to support AILACTE’s goals to further enhance the preparation of quality culturally and linguistically diverse and inclusive teachers for our children.


The above opportunities and possibilities can be accomplished with the continued support of our AILACTE Board of Directors and institutional membership. I hope that as we move forward, new ideas will percolate and emerge that will accomplish these goals and also to set new goals based on the changing needs of teacher education.

I look forward to being the President of this most prestigious and honorable association.

Reyes L. Quezada, Ed. D

AILACTE Incoming President