Review Process and Timeline

June 19, 2020

Manuscripts and related materials are due.

July 2020

Manuscripts are screened for general compliance with the APA, 6th edition, 2009, style guide and the specific requirements for the Journal (see Submission Guidelines and Checklist).

July – August 2020

Manuscripts are sent to reviewers after removing all names and identifying information. Reviewers have 18 days to complete their reviews.

September-October 2020

Scores are tallied and comments are reviewed.   Decisions about publication are made.  

Letters and feedback documents are prepared for authors.

September – October 2020

Authors are notified about the status of their manuscripts, and they receive a copy of all of the reviewers’ comments.  In some cases, the changes may be sent to the author(s) for their review.

October – November 2020

Accepted manuscripts are edited.

December – January 2020

Journal is compiled, graphic design is complete, and journal is printed.

January – February 2021

Journal is mailed to authors (2 copies), AILACTE Journal Editorial Board, AILACTE Executive Board, CIRs, and those who preordered. The Journal is available in an electronic format on the AILACTE website (, and a limited number of copies will be available for purchase at the 2021 AILACTE conference or by contacting [email protected] at an additional cost.