2019 Leadership Workshop

February 21, 2019
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Louisville Marriott Downtown
280 West Jefferson
Louisville, KY 40202
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2019 Leadership Workshop 

The workshop is intended for deans, assistant deans, department chairs, and faculty in leadership positions. Groups of participants from the same institution are encouraged to attend together. The goal of the workshop is to promote program effectiveness through sharing of promising practices.

Workshop participants will interact with each other and facilitators in roundtable format to consider examples and strategies for practical application. Space is limited to 28 participants. The cost is $85 per person; light refreshments and snacks included.


The workshop will begin with a brief welcome and overview. Participants will select from four roundtables, each seating several people and one facilitator. Facilitators will lead table groups in a brief preview of key ideas, challenges, strategies, and questions related to the topic. Participants will have opportunity to share their own experience followed by discussion. The format is informal, collaborative, and interactive. Participants rotate between roundtables every 45 minutes. The workshop concludes with a brief salutation and invitation for future collaboration.


Innovation: Planning, implementing, and sustaining innovative programs

Includes examples of innovative teacher preparation programs such as residency internship, online coursework, blended supervision, and small group placements, among others. Covers issues involved with innovation such as funding, establishing partnerships, marketing, and managing institutional bureaucracy. Provides ideas for developing innovative programs across a variety of situations.

Leadership: Identifying, developing, and promoting leaders

Discusses qualities of successful leaders in teacher preparation programs. Covers steps for identifying and inducting new and veteran faculty into leadership positions. Includes discussion of strategies for ensuring growth and development of leaders. Also covers administrative issues such as ensuring clear communication, establishing a coherent management structure, and handling changes in personnel.

Accreditation: Developing plans and processes for meeting accreditation requirements

Examines accreditation processes such as conducting a self-study, collecting and analyzing data, writing reports, and maintaining an assessment system. Reviews specific components of accreditation such as selecting measures, documenting continuous improvement, showing evidence of student learning, and establishing quality assurance. Special emphasis given to CAEP standards and compliance.

Technology: Selecting, applying, and evaluating different technologies to improve practice

Encourages participants to share an array of technologies they use for improving program elements, everything from instruction to marketing. Some technologies for discussion include learning management systems, social media, open educational resources, and video annotation applications, among others. Also considers formats and models for technology integration such as online, blended, flipped, and active learning.

Contact Alyssa Haarer, AILACTE Executive Assistant, at info@ailacte.org with any questions.



$85.00 Member Ticket - deans, assistant deans, department chairs, and faculty in leadership positions

$85.00 Non-Member Ticket - deans, assistant deans, department chairs, and faculty in leadership positions

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Notice of conference/workshop registration must be received in writing 30 days prior. There will be an administrative fee deducted from cancellation requests. 

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